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Counselling with Susi Harris, FdA, PG Dip. Reg MBACP

Qualified Humanistic Integrative Counsellor for Adults (FdA)
Qualified Counsellor for Children and Adolescents (PG Dip.)

Insured, DBS Checked and Registered Member of the BACP
(British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) (BACP )

I hope I can help you find what you are looking for, and help you make the most of your life..

Welcome, Croeso..

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Dear Reader, I am a Qualified Humanistic Integrative Counselling Therapist based in the practice areas of Ammanford, Swansea, Llanelli, Pontardawe and Brynamman, Carmarthenshire. I offer tailored private individual counselling therapy for Adults, Young People and Children (11+).

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What can Counselling Offer?

I offer you Counselling therapy that can help ease or manage the pain of distressing issues that you may be facing in your life, present or past.

I offer you expert support and coping tools at a time of bereavement, loss, or change. The Benefits of Exploring Grief or Loss.

Resolution, clarity and relief becomes possible by utilising expert counselling therapy and valuable guidance when most needed, to get you through a confusing and difficult time - when issues stop life being how it should be.

I offer a Free Initial Phone Consultation so you may discuss your needs and hopes in your life.

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How Can Counselling Improve Your Life?

I can help you to therapeutically explore why life isn't how you feel it should be - and there are many answers held within your mind! An anxious state can cause unhelpful behaviours or thinking patterns, causing a dysfunctional repetitive cycle of frustration, anger and unhappiness, often leading to depression.

Would you like to understand yourself better? Would you like to become empowered with the tools towards a successful and fulfilling life? Counselling therapy with me can help you find more rewarding life strategies. You may not realise what could be holding you back in life directly, as well as your relationships, and what opportunities exist for you!

In setting your own life goals, these may be useful questions to ask yourself...

What is the Key to Successful Change - You or Others?

Clients often ask 'what can I do to get them to change?' referring to problems with others.

THE PROBLEM occurs when life becomes problematical and frustrating, with the common source often connecting to relational difficulties (in all areas of life such as with family, friends, work colleagues and with career aspects for example).

THE SOLUTION is that we may not be able to directly change others. However, by focusing on these matters with me in therapy and by learning to understand yourself and your communication style, counselling can bring about a new powerful and positive effect of personal change, and improved relationship dynamics with others.

~ When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves ~

Viktor Frankl, Psychiatrist, Holocaust Survivor

The Benefits of Therapeutic Counselling - a Valuable Life Investment

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The Benefit of Exploring Your Thoughts and Feelings in Therapy

Emotional awareness has a direct connection to wellness. It helps identify what you are lacking, craving or struggling with, and enables you to get your needs met, emotionally and physically. It will assist in achieving satisfaction and wellbeing in life, avoiding the development of unhelpful behaviour changes such as anger issues or with stresses on health including Anxiety, Depression, or emotional breakdown for example.

Do you need to talk?

...Is talking too painful, uncomfortable, or might it make things worse you are thinking? I understand, this can be natural but bottling up emotions can emotional problems.

However, within the safety of the counselling relationship, being guided safely through therapy in a trusting and professional relationship with a skilled counsellor can bring new and helpful insight towards thoughts and feelings. Enhancing your ability to manage situations with new skills and approaches can serve you well in the future and bring about many life changing benefits. I offer a one to one confidential therapy service in a private and comfortable environment where you can feel safe to be yourself and explore your worries without judgement or pressure. What is Counselling?

Change your Life

...Clients often report that counselling has changed their life and that our sessions have brought them relief from troublesome thoughts, emotions and behaviour, together with new helpful perspectives. With this comes increased self understanding and confidence, bringing the benefits of new options and courage to make changes.

How important are you?

... to yourself, and others? I understand that at a difficult time, feelings of low confidence can make asking for help difficult. Maybe too, you consider that ‘you should just get on with it’ or that having counselling is self-indulgent, or an unwarranted expense? Perhaps consider the implications to your health and circumstances and how counselling could help. It's never too late to get help. How can I help you?

What Life Issues do I Work With?
You are not alone with your worries and issues, whether you are an adult or young person. There are many life issues that clients suffer beyond this list that are commonly shared by others. You may find it beneficial to explore interlinking issues depending on the number of sessions you wish to attend.

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Coping Strategies and Personal Development

Relaxation Techniques including Guided Imagery are frequently enjoyed by my clients in therapy sessions to help calm nervousness or master self control in a Mindfulness approach over Stress and Anxiety. These can be very effective skills to learn to enhance mind and body well-being and for management of difficult issues and challenging situations when under stress or pressure.

  • Learn relaxation coping strategies to manage and reduce stress and Anxiety
  • How to overcome Low self-confidence and low self-esteem and start enjoying a new world with assertiveness skills
  • Anger issues and Anger Management strategies
  • Overcoming difficulties with Rewind Technique Therapy for Trauma or Fears
  • Exploring and understanding your needs, how to meet them and make life more fulfilling
  • Exploring your different relationships, learn successful communication and emotions
  • Exploring behaviour patterns, how to change unhelpful behaviours to effective ones
  • Exploring new ways to deal with stress, anxiety and depression

Counselling Issues - Adults, Young People, Children (11+)

Here is a sample of issues I commonly work with and have training in as a Counselling Therapist as well as those mentioned above.

LOSS AND BEREAVEMENT, such a significant and difficult part of our lives in so many ways and is of particular interest, following my training and experience Counselling within a bereavement service. Grief comes in many forms of losses or changes so by identifying such events or past patterns it can help us to understand and reshape our path ahead.

  • Anticipated grief of a loved one dying
  • Baby, or child loss
  • Child bereavement, Loss of Parent
  • Bereavement, loss of a loved one and coping without them
  • Chronic or ongoing complicated grief
  • Disability or illness and impact of life
  • Pet loss
  • Sudden loss, traumatic or anticipated loss
  • Loss associated with life changes or circumstances

The Benefits of Exploring Grief or Loss

Counselling support can be a significant help during a distressing time of suffering a loss, by talking with someone understanding and experienced for you, at your side to listen. Often other people in your life do not know what to do or say to help you, making grieving a very isolating experience.

Bereavement Counselling therapy can help make sense of what has happened and the changes it has brought. Grief is a unique experience for every individual with many complex emotions and experiences attached to it, and can continue for any amount of time. Allowing yourself to address your feelings, can help avoid distressing isolation, possible complications in grief, as well as help with the worry of practical matters and functioning.

As a grief therapist, I support every client individually with patience, respect and dignity.

Session Fees & Contact Me

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07496 864388

Phone/Text/ Email/Or Use the Contact Form.

FEES per Counselling Hour in Swansea, Ammanford,
Llanelli, Brynamman, Pontardawe, Carmarthenshire.

£40.00 per Private Session
£35.00 per Telephone Session
£35.00 for Counselling Students
£45.00 for Corporate Healthcare Service Clients
(Concessions are available, so please ask me)

You may be able to get your counselling sessions paid if you have Healthcare Insurance depending on your policy conditions - please check with your insurer first for guidance.

~ Thank you for visiting my website - I hope that I may have the privilege of meeting you ~
If you need urgent support or are experiencing suicidal thoughts please contact your GP who will be able to provide suitable help, or the Samaritans are available for urgent or non urgent support at any time FREE on 116 123 /
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